The One Place Called Home


When buying your San Diego home, you want to partner with a real estate team that has the experience, resources, and negotiation skills to get you the absolute best deal. And with more than seven years in the industry and millions of dollars in transactions, the Bukes Realty team has the tools to deliver, and a track-record to prove it.

But in today's hyper-competitive landscape, you need more than experience and skill to win at this game. You need the most accurate data immediately available to help make the best decisions possible. Which is why we are powered by Compass, a real estate technology company that is reinventing how real estate is done.

What Is Your Ideal Home?

There are so many options for where to live in and around San Diego. Use our online search site to start exploring what some options are out there right now. As you do, our intelligent A.I. will begin to suggest properties to you.

And reach out to tell us what you, specifically, want. The team at The One Group will put together a list of available homes, tailored to your specific desires. 


We deliver a simple and visual search result of homes that makes collaboration easy. Collections is the first tool in the marketplace that combines technology with the human experience. Download our mobile app and get started.


Insights provide powerful data insights that we use to help you make informed and strategic decisions. Insights helps our team better understand listings and get hyper-local trends and past performance to that we can more effectively advise you.


Real Time Data

Our powerful tools allow us to build market-specific reports and get real-time information anytime to provide you with answers to difficult real estate questions.

Our Valuation tool is the most sophisticated and accurate metric on the market, helping us to determine the value of a property in real time.

Real Estate In Your Pocket

Compass features best-in-class technology for buyers and sellers in the real estate market. That's why we choose to have our real estate team be powered by Compass. They offer real time market data to better understand the driving forces of real estate. And they put the power in your hands!

Download the Compass App now.

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